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Steve's a Toronto-based comedian (improviser/writer/actor), trained primarily in longform improvisation with the Impatient Theatre Co. Abroad, he's studied under under pros like Second City Toronto's Rob Norman, IO Chicago's Jeff Griggs, DSI's Rene Duquesnoy, and Second City Cleveland's Rachel Madorsky.

Steve gets around, playing and competing in a variety of shows and formats around the GTA (on-going shows include Second City's "Naked Fridays", Revel Theatre Collective's "Piece of Garbage Sex Dungeon",  "Beerprov", "Post Secret", "Jammin' On the One", "the Bat", "the Mosaic", etc.), and has been a returning featured player at international comedy festivals (the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival, the Del Close Marathon, etc.)

He's a recurring teacher of longform improv classes at the Impatient Theatre Co., a workshop leader of University of Toronto events/groups, and a host of several other workshop sessions in the past.  

Steve headlines the Impatient Theatre Co.'s 'Harold Night" with 3-handed longform man-party "El Fantoma". He also improvises with improv wildcards "Jenkins Syndrome", meta-heavy "Is This Happening", and some other jerks from time to time.

As a writer, he's part of "The Beaverton" Canadian satiric news writing team, and also posts other content at random. 

Take a look around for media, personal content, and all the cryptic life-pieces that make this jigsaw puzzle a man.

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